Matthew Wulf

Mathew 1-2

Matthew’s began life with a prognosis of just twelve short months to live due to the diagnosis of Peroxisomal Biogenesis Disorder. He was deaf, blind, failing to thrive; he could not digest his fats for his liver was failing and very-long chain fatty acids were building up in his blood, and he had low muscle tone. Matthew was dying in our arms. At five months of age he became a patient of Dra. Manuela Martinez and within three weeks of taking the DHA-EE his life began to make dramatic changes. He gained weight, became stronger, and began to be more interested in his world. His liver functions normalized. Slowly his brain myelination became normal for his age, and his development advanced. One day we noticed Matthew reaching for things – he was seeing! Matthew’s hearing improved as his auditory nerve matured. Remarkably, between seven and eight years of age, Matthew’s visual ERG no longer was flat, but showed normal waves. At school Matthew began to read, write with a communication device, and do math problems.

He graduated from eighth grade with honors, including honors in Algebra. Today, at age fourteen, Matthew is a published author of his poetry and essays as well as a composer of seven pieces of music. We are deeply grateful to Dra. Martinez for the DHA-EE that has made such a spectacular change in our son’s life and will be forever thankful for the kindness and generosity you have shown in providing for his continual need for the pure DHA oil. Through God’s merciful blessing and the dedication and compassion of people like Dra. Martinez and you a remarkable different story, a story of life and hope, is being written for our son which will never be forgotten.

 Brian & Joyce Wulf