Millie McMenemy Case History


First of all I would like to thank you and everyone involved in getting this DHA_EE produced for our kids. Thank you just doesn’t cover it but please know we are tremendously grateful to all of you for your hard work and dedication to this project and to Dra. Martinez’s Children.

Our Names are Paul and Diane McMenemy from Scotland. Our baby girl Millie was born on 21st November 2006.

After months of weekly tests Millie was finally diagnosed on 27th June 2007 with NALD a mild variant of Zellweger Syndrome. Millie’s consultant at the time held no hope for Millie surviving beyond her first birthday. We set out immediately to find out more about Dra. Martinez, who was mentioned by the consultant but he said there was no point, that Millie would not benefit from her trial in any way.

Within only hours of e-mailing Dr Martinez, she replied to us and said we should send a blood sample to her as soon as possible so she could be sure if Millie would be a candidate or not, she did not want us to travel there without being sure Millie may benefit from her trial.

After receiving the amazing news that Millie would be a good candidate for this amazing trial, we took Millie to Barcelona on 20th August 2007 for 4 weeks. We had our very first meeting with our beloved Dra. Martinez on 21st August 2007 where Millie received her very first doze of DHA-EE.

Before this point Millie was a very poor feeder and she was mainly fed via a nasal gastric tube. The most she would take orally was about 100ml of formula milk (Neocate) per day, and the rest went down her tube. Dr Martinez advised us on nutrition for Millie…that she needed real food…so she suggested we add baby cereal to her Neocate formula. Within 3 weeks of starting DHA-EE and adding cereal to her feeds, Millie started to take 4 x 200ml feeds per day! She was also completely blind as previous tests had shown but in just this short time her eyes started to stop spinning and steady up…she was trying to focus! One day, when we were on the train on our way back from one of our visits with Dra. Martinez, the usual voice came over the tannoy announcing the next stop and Millie’s eyes widened as if she had just heard something for the first time! Myself and Paul were ecstatic!

Millie’s initial progress was absolutely amazing. She started to support her own head, sit up almost unaided, she would reach for toys, play with her toes, pull her feet to her mouth! These were all things that we thought we would never see her do and they were all things she showed no signs of doing before she started her ‘magic Medicine’.

In November 2007 and December 2007 Millie fell ill will a mild virus. Both these instances put Millie off her food. She went back to taking just tiny amounts of food and by January she was back on NG feeds. Because the tube was so thin we couldn’t put her normal thickened feeds through it, therefore it had to be just milk (Neocate). Dra. Martinez advised that we must get a Gastrostomy tube done for Millie as soon as possible so we could go back to her normal feeding. She needed the nutrition as well as the DHA-EE. It took six months for our doctors to FINALLY do the G-Tube operation and by this time we slowly watched Millie fade away in front of our eyes, she lost every single bit of strength in her tiny body. She was back to being a baby, unable to sit up, reach for toys, bounce her legs to music and she lost her swallow reflex all together. The one thing she held on to was her smile. She still had a little vision and she definitely still had her awareness of her surroundings and this I am positive is all due to Dra. Martinez’s DHA!

We have had to fight constantly with doctors and medical staff with regards to what we feed Millie as well as everything else that is involved in her care, but, one thing was constant…Dra. Martinez… our Guardian Angel…she was a constant source of wisdom and support and without her, without her knowledge, without her determination, without her love and passion for our children and most of all without her DHA-EE – our ‘Magic Medicine’ – we are 100% positive that our precious baby girl would not be here today and we would not have 5 years (and counting) of happiness and precious memories that we owe all to Dra. Manuela Martinez.

Paul & Diane McMenemy


Millie’s first meeting with Dra. Martinez in August 2007